Top 5 Most Overused Title Words

1. Midnight – An overused word in general when it comes to the internet (I claim guilty on this) because there’s just something cool about the clock striking 12 – time’s up.

2. Iron – Of late, this has been coming up a lot in the titles of books I’m encountering.  Between the fairytale/fantasy and growing steampunk genres, it’s lost it’s strength as a title word.

3. Confessions of…  –  In the early 2000s, “confessions” became a huge catchphrase for marketers.  Everyone was confessing to something – Madonna, Usher, Paris Hilton, shopaholics.  It was the formative years of the age of perverse spectacle that we’re in now, where everyone is expected to reveal everything and be surprised when they’re judged.  I wonder if the 2010s will be the In Denial of… craze.

4. Mad Libs Titles – Since Girl with the Dragon Tattoo exploded onto the scene, there’s been a craze toward elongated titles that sound like they were put together by mad libs.  It’s more of a stylistic rather than wording choice, but it’s pretty overused.

5. Title: A Novel/The True Story of… – This by and large falls under the stupidest titling trends.  Well, thank you for clearing that up, I thought this was a technical manual or autobiography!


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